Make Candles at Home: Orange candle

Make candles at home: Candle in an Orange

Make Candles at Home Orange CandleThere is something special about making a candle in a piece of fruit. Yes, you can make candles at home in apples and candles in pumpkins and today see how you can make candles at home in oranges. An orange really is a great choice for a candle because its skin contains orange essential oil. Orange oil is often used to help people suffering from nervous tension to relax and in particular to help children sleep.

This is a candle that you will want to use on the day you make it. The peel will start to degrade within a few days, and at that point you will need to remove the candle from the peel and place it in a container if you haven’t finished using it.Candle in Orange Make Candles at Home

How to Make Candles at Home

You will need:

Soy container wax

Wick with Sustainer

An orange

Orange Essential Oil


  1.  Remove the top from the orange and then remove the flesh from the inside of the orange. I found this to be the messiest part of the process, but it was delicious. You can decide to cut the top of your orange in a decorative way but I just used a straight cut.
  2. Melt the soy wax in a double boiler as explained in the Candle Making at Home eBook. I used soy container wax.
  3. When the soy wax reaches its melting temperature take it off the heat. Once the wax reaches the appropriate temperature for adding the scent add the essential oil
  4.  Wick the orange. I used some Blu Tac to hold my wick and sustainer in place and then I used a wick holder to hold my wick steady while I poured the wax.
  5. Once the scent is thoroughly combined with the wax and the wax is at its optimum pouring temperature, gently pour the wax into the orange.
  6. The orange will need to remain in place for a few hours while the wax sets.

You can make candles at home with ease, involve your whole family in the process and enjoy the therapeutic effects of the orange essential oil as the fragrance fills your home.

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