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Are you paying too much for candles?

You Can Make Soy Candles

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It’s A Candle-Lover’s Dream

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From The Desk Of Ruth Denton

Thursday, 10:30am

Dear Friend,

“Did you know the average candle costs $15 retail,

while the actual cost to make that candle is less that 50 cents

… that is a 3000% mark-up!

If you are a candle lover like me, with a candle burning every evening at dinner and candle lit baths at least once a week, then you could be saving $750 every year!

You are about to discover a candle making method that will enable you make professional quality candles at home in just minutes…

… At a cost of just a few cents per candle!Make Candles At Home

My name is Ruth, and like you, I love candles…

Candles create a relaxing mood and their scents evoke images, feelings and memories.

I distinctly remember making my first candle when I was a little girl.

It gave me an incredible satisfaction, and I never forgot the pride I felt lighting that candle for the first time.

As an adult, though, I forgot the process, so while I wanted to make candles I considered it to be “too hard,” and kept on buying candles at marked up prices.

My desire to make my own natural candles was fuelled when a friend gave me a soy massage candle as a present.

Initially, I was sceptical.

How could a candle made from soy wax be used in massage?

However, lit the candle and gave it a go.

And the rest, they say, is history.

After extinguishing the candle and pouring the warm wax onto my hands, I was a soy wax convert.

The warm wax provided a relaxing and sensual massage.

Make candles at home with soy waxIf you have never had your partner massage you with warm soy wax from a massage candle, you are seriously missing out.

Soy wax is made from soybeans and is therefore a natural, biodegradable substance.

And, it’s also…

… A renewable and environmentally friendly product!

For example, soy wax is non-toxic and burns cleaner than the paraffin wax used to make regular candles.

When I first explored candle making I was shocked by the fact that the majority of candles are made from paraffin, a petroleum by-product.

Studies have identified carcinogenic compounds in candle soot. Sadly, few people are aware that candle manufacturers are not required to list ingredients. Thankfully soy wax is a great alternative for candle makers. Soy candles are simply better for you, your family, and your environment.

And, soy candle making is an easy enjoyable hobby to make unique gifts for your home, your family and your friends. Candle making can be taken to another level as a profitable second stream of income.

And, candle making requires little in the way of tools and time. It really is a matter of a couple of hours before you see the reward for your efforts.Make candles at home

I teach a regular candle making class, where students explore the different styles of candles and essential oil blends for candles.

I have also taught school holiday candle making classes for children as young as 10 years old.

Many people express initial concern that it will be difficult or messy to learn candle making.

They are always pleasantly surprised to see how simple it is to make beautiful candles at home.

I simply love candles, they lift my spirits after a hard day and I frequently relax with a candle burning. I have made hundreds of candles for my home, for gifts and to sell at my local market.

Learn how to make your own beautiful candles in Just A Few Hours!

This collection contains extensive candle making ideas and detailed step-by-step instructions for making a variety of soy candle types, shape and fragrances.

If you are looking to give your candles away or sell them you will also find ideas on presentation and packaging.Make candles at home with soy

The Candle Making at Home Collection contains the information you need to start making 100% natural soy candles today. It is written in easy to follow steps so you have beautiful products in your hands within hours.

Inside the Candle Making at Home Collection you will discover ideas that you can make your own, changing the color and fragrance to create a product that is uniquely “you.”

Step-by-step instructions in written and video format, on how to make soy container candles, saving you at least 70% off store prices

A separate printable shopping list that tells you the essential materials and tools, so you know exactly what you will need to start making candles today

Candle Making instructions for a range of different styles of container candles.

Answers to many of the frequently asked questions when first starting out making candles

Now I know there are other ‘how to’ books around

The fact is, all of the other so-called candle making experts will happily sell you a poorly written eBook with a couple pictures, typically leaving you with more questions than answers.

Scented Soy Container CandlesInvariably, they recommend the use of paraffin wax and synthetic fragrances.

 And this is where the Candle Making at Home Collection is entirely different

Step-by-step guide to make candles at home

Making simple 100% natural soy container candles is not overly complicated. I can teach anyone who has the desire to learn.

But I also know that teaching someone to make candles using only a book is pretty tough since there are so many visual elements that go into making candles that cannot be effectively communicated through the written word.

So, the Candle Making At Home collection comes with a complete series of video demonstrations that demonstrate the candle-making process step-by-step!

The Candle Making At Home Collection provides a full multi-media immersion in the art of soy candle making, with a book, video content, and printable step-by-step instructions you can follow at home.


    • The printable guides provide a step-by-step summary of the video along with a list of materials needed to implement the skill you have just learned, as well as
    • A detailed ingredients overview and shopping list so you know exactly what you need to start making your own 100% natural soy candles TODAY!
    • A specific list of the tools you need and where to get them so you can make professional quality candles quickly and easily.
    • Expert “essential oils training” so you can use the right essential oils in your candles and most importantly the cautionary measures you need to take when using essential oils!

When making candles you can develop unique fragrances, colors and shapes. The only limit is your imagination!

Why should you make your own candles?

Firstly, you’ll save money because candles make great presents for a variety of occasions. Did you know the average cost of a standard fragrant soy candle is $15 at the leading retailers? With my “DIY” method, you can make candles for less than $1!

But, there’s so much more to it than just saving money!

Great gift ideas

I make sure I always have a supply of candles on hand because they make really lovely gifts that are great for a variety of occasions:

Therapeutic Effects 

Burning a candle scented with essential oils has therapeutic effects. Candles can be used to help with stress and anxiety, lift your spirits emotionally, trigger happy memories and have a calming effect.

Candles make a house smell fragrant and inviting

Family Fun

Making candles can be a family activity. My two young children help with weighing the wax, deciding on colors and preparing molds. They understand the need for caution and they delight in the creative process.

Candle making is so easy when following my step-by-step guide and after watching my demonstration videos.

Candle making may seem like it would be messy, it really isn’t. Soy wax cleans up in hot soapy water making this a great hobby for people of all ages.

The most complete step-by-step training to make 100% natural, beautiful candles available on the Internet today!

I didn’t realise how simple it is to make a range of different candles. The instructions are clear and easy to follow.
Now my daughter and I will be making a bunch of candles to sell at our school fete to help raise funds for the school! It’s a good fun process and really cheap to get started.Patrick Evans, Sydney

Now you must be wondering about the price of the “Candle Making At Home” Collection? I know you will be pleasantly surprised…


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 Making Candles at Home

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 But you need to act fast. Like I said, I’m only making this offer available until December 1st at midnight after which point I reserve the right to increase the price and remove the bonus items.

But I understand buying training like this online can be a little unnerving.

And that’s why I am going to take away ALL of the risk…

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You have nothing to lose! 

So, if you’re ready to start making your own gorgeous, scented soy candles today, it’s time to go ahead and…

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 To your candle making success,


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